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SPRING is sneaking up on us! I got a decent night's rest last night, ran errands this morning, and I'm going to work on quilts this afternoon, but tomorrow.....
(sigh)....Tomorrow I'm going to be working outside!

It's sunny, but in the forties today, a bit on the chilly side for kneeling on the ground, trimming back plants. So, I've made the decision to wait until tomorrow to get out. It's supposed to get to the lower sixties, so I'll be more comfortable.

One of the errands I ran this morning was a stop at Home Depot. I bought trays of pansies and 8 hyacinth to plant in the front area planters. Mother was looking for color at the doorway for Easter. I purchased deep purple and yellow pansies, and johnny jump ups that are a tiny violet shaped flower that blends those two colors.

So....I'm off to play with fabric for the afternoon. I hope you're all having a GREAT spring weekend!

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Don't you just love the blossoming colors.....and the blossoming energy...of spring?

Bye the way...I now am (finally) permanant at my new blog address. I finally got the domain name to match my business name and will be permanantly at http://www.TheWatersEdge.us/QuickSilver/

Your blog still doesn't like my AOL screen name lol.

Here is the message it gives me:
Comment Submission Error
Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: *a*m*p@aol.

Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment.

(note that the error message says "*a*m*p@aol" despite the fact that I typed in the whole address as SeaStormS*c*a*m*p@aol.com (without the stars of course - all "*"s in this post are my additions to bypass whatever trigger i'm setting off)

Buffy, I just had to ask after reading your post -- Are we still allowed to play with fabrics (without fabric guilt) once the weather is warm enough to seed and plant and garden and wash windows, and paint lawn swings, benches, etc.?

Have fun playing in the dirt!

Yes, Jessica, spring is a joy here. We watch the color of the weeping willows, and wait for the first sign of leaves on the trees around the house. The Ice Follies daffodils have bloomed. They love the chill of early spring and fade fast once the heat comes. I can tell you that I'll be happy to have the color of the pansies at my front door while we wait for the rest of the plants to catch up.

I'll send your information on to ~T~ and see if there is anything that can be done about it. I'm sorry that it's so difficult for you to post here.

We'll also get the link changed to your new site. I'm glad you got everything worked out.

Roberta, there is NO time when it's acceptable to put aside our fabrics. Yes, we have a lot more to do during growing season, but that just means we get up earlier to garden, and then come into the cool of the house in the afternoon to quilt. NO GUILT!!! *S*

Boogie, thanks! I'm going out to plant those pansies and cut down the dead peony stalks in just a moment. YES!!! Fresh air, and potential blooms! I'm ready.

Eh, don't worry yourself at all about it...its not difficult, just gives me the giggles every time it tells me im "unacceptable content" ......snicker.....people have been tellin me that all my life LOL....

Jessica, ~T~ said she worked on the stash of banned words, and you might be able to get through now with your "Scamp" address. YEA!!! Let me know if there's still a problem.


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