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More Shorts

I'm working back wards this morning. I have another post ready to go that's on my personal computer, and I can't get to it. Now, the thing that will make later readers just crazy is that they will see "Short Shorts" first in line, just as I intended it to be read, followed by this post......but those of you who are around now, will only see "More Shorts." Sorry about that.....

I am SO delighted to tell you that I'm done playing with taxes for at least 10 minutes. March 15th is the day when business taxes have to be filed, and we've satisfied Uncle Sam. April 15th is the deadline for personal taxes. You can actually file personal taxes any time up to April 15th, but many of us drag our feet. Our taxes are complex enough that we entrust them to the CPA to finish. I gathered all the information they needed and Dear Husband dropped it off at their office on Tuesday. I can see half of my desk in the living room now! YEA!!!

Isn't it amazing what a light feeling you get when something that has been hanging over your head is accomplished? I've had a number of major tasks on my plate for the past three months. Several of them still exist, and from time to time others crop up, but I feel celebratory when I manage to finish one of those bigger projects.

Last night I worked on the binding for the quilt that has to be done by Sunday. Elegante Mother has sewed one side, and I finished half of another plus the four corners. SHE will be relieved when she picks up the quilt this afternoon because we will be a little more than halfway done, with two full days left to finish it. That's another YEA!!! as far as I'm concerned. I have to cut and sew the last border and the backing for the third quilt, and then we're just down to bindings. We have almost all of April to finish the last two.

Enough...I have some office work, and I have to take EM to the salon. I wish they'd put in a bed for me so I could get in more snooze time.

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Cop Car:

For some reason, my security software wouldn't let me open the "comments" window on your posting, above, so I shall leave my remarks here.

Theme? Theme for a garden? You are SO Martha Stewart! It makes it tough for us mere mortals to tolerate you, you know? Glad things are going so well for you and your loved ones. How can you call the chipmunk "rotten"? He is just making a statement about your "theme". *smirking* As to the raccoons--good luck! Those little critters are tenatious. I can just see how chagrined they were when you took away their step ladder.

Good going on all of the quilting. You'll be pleased to know that I started back to work on Hunky Husband's Afghan quilt, last night. The lure is that when I get it finished, I can start on something to which I've been looking forward--the Jacobean.

Glad to see you back.

And, MY program felt the e-mail I receive when you post needed to be labeled "SPAM"!!! What's the world coming to when my favorite poster can't get through??!!

Yeah, I PLAN my gardens, but did I say I always stuck to the plan?? I get to the nursery and see this plant and that plant, and I am SO weak when I'm tempted, I end up walking away with tons more than I planned to plant.

I finally started dividing my purchases up into three groups. I'd go, buy the plants and not allow myself to go back until all of that group was in the ground! I'm not going to buy any more plants that have to be wintered over because I didn't get them into the ground.

I'm delighted that you're getting back to your quilting. Don't you know that a quilter ALWAYS has more than one project going at a time??? Elegante Mother proudly announced that she had finished the binding on the first of the quilts! YEAH!! One down, two to go. I'm trying to get several tops finished, and then I'm going to have to quilt like crazy! Be sure to post your results on HH's quilt, won't you?

Cop Car:

How can you continually be so complimentary to one of the ornriest people around? *sigh* Love ya! As to doing more than one quilting project at a time: (Concluded at Cop Car's Beat--http://copcar.typepad.com/cop_cars_beat/2006/03/concluded_from_.html)

I plan my gardens - I buy stuff with the plan to plant them somewhere. And even if I have an inkling as to where I will place it, invariably I have forgotten by the time I go to plant it!

I'm hoping the landscape cl;ass will infuse me with a little discipline as well as help me with the area under the fruit trees.


bogie, now I KNOW we are sisters! We operate just about the same way. I make these glorious plans and then can't lay my hands on them when I'm ready to go to the nursery. Having to shop on a wing and a prayer is probably the reason there's such variety in my gardens. I think we stretch the idea of "cottage gardens" just a bit!

Good luck with your class. I'm really eager to hear what they have to say.

Oh....and try rolling down the window and singing at the top of your voice on the way home. No one will be able to hear you, and you might stay awake all the way home! *G*


Awwwwww Cop Car! How could I NOT love you. We share an addiction!


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