Yup, I’ve been busy!

You have to know that if I’m away from my blog for three weeks, I’m busy.  I’m not quite sure what all I was doing, but I’ve been busy! lol

I think we saw the last of the herons and egrets about the middle of this month.  I’m always sad to see them go because they are such beautiful birds to watch.  Our weather has closed in and it’s pretty cold for the end of November.  In a week the family will be happy to be gathered in one warm place, visiting and celebrating Thanksgiving.

I have had a number of houseplant projects on my list of chores for the past month, and got to them today.  The aloe plant needed to be re-potted.  I learned that aloe needs less water than I have been giving it.  Did you know that when you re-pot aloe, you don’t water it for a week??  I was astonished to learn that.

I have a geranium that I bought when I was visiting with Frankie in central Indiana.  I have that geranium in pale pink and in hot fuchsia.  I wintered it over last year and it did well when I returned it to the front porch.  This fall a couple of the branches were broken, so I put them in water to start roots.  Today I potted two of them.  We moved the larger plants into the sunny window of the office for the winter.

I have had a Norfolk pine growing in my living room for years.  The plant has done very well, but the terra cotta pot it was in was beginning to crumble.  I’ve been meaning to re-pot the pine for the past year.  I FINALLY put down a plastic table cloth, brought in a new pot, potting soil, gloves and a sharp knife.  I slid the knife along the inside of the pot to be sure the roots were loose.  Dear Husband came along to give a hand lifting the pine from the old pot to the new, and lifting the new pot to it’s new home.  I’m really relieved to be able to cross off all these potting projects off my to-do list.

If I didn’t tell you, Scraps on a Mission has ended for the year.  I have eight small quilts that need to be delivered and six thank you notes to write.  I found a bolt of batting on sale for one quarter of the original price and picked that up so that we will be ready for the coming year.  The final count for 2013 was 58 quilts, with one woman making about 26 of them.  We gave some lovely quilts.  I’m working on baby quilts for my family now.

I’ve been crocheting in the evening when I sit with DH.  Charity Crochet Exchange on Facebook does a project each month.  They ask for six-inch and twelve-inch squares, and request a specific color plan for each project.  I’ve been doing very basic squares for them.  I figure that my simple blocks make a background for those who do the lovely work.  I just finished 52 six-inch squares for a Meals on Wheels auction.  They can either put together one afghan in white, aqua and teal from these blocks. or disburse the squares through out the other projects.  The next project is in shades of pink, with white and/or black. I’m glad to have something to keep my hands busy at night.

Dear Husband is Christmas shopping on line.  Now that he is retired, and has more time to play at the computer, I find him in the office looking for a new home, or shopping.  I’m delighted that he has taken over this activity.  I’m happy to wrap the gifts

And last, we have taken our home off the market for the winter.  I don’t want to have to clean up after people who come to look at the house during the holidays, and I don’t want to have to keep it super clean so that they can come to look.  We may have a stager come in to help us make the house as appealing as possible, and perhaps I can persuade DH to make some minor changes that might make it easier to sell.  I’m happy to have one more winter in the house. 🙂

I hope that those of you who visit here are well, and getting ready for Thanksgiving,

2 thoughts on “Yup, I’ve been busy!

  1. Way to go on the quilts! I told you a few months ago that I had taken a bunch of my fabrics into the senior center for the women who quilt for charity to use. A few weeks ago, a woman came to our “Hooks & Needles” session – and she brought one of the quilts she had made. I was astounded to see 10-15 of my fabrics in her quilt. Super! It wasn’t a fancy quilt – just rectangles of various sizes put together; but, it will serve the purpose and it looked good.

    Gee: I would just have broken the old terra cotta pot and trimmed the roots. I like your method better; but, it would not have occurred to me. Isn’t it funny how each person has a different approach to doing a job. (Hunky Husband and I never even use the same streets in arriving at a common destination! We think so differently that it is hard for us to work together on many things!)

    Thanks for the wishes. Happy holidays to you and your whole family, Buffy.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to see something that you’ve donated being used to help others?? Generally, when we make what are called “charity” quilts, we are not going for the most beautiful, time consuming quilts possible. We do our best to make them as lovely as possible, but first and foremost we consider function, and we try to make as many as we can. I made five twin sized quilts this year, as well as five lap quilts. I was very pleased with the designs of four of the five larger quilts, but even the one I didn’t personally care for will keep someone really warm this winter. Bless you for giving your fabrics to a good cause.

    As for the pot, the entire rim of the pot was crumbling. I didn’t think we could move the plant to the garage to do the re-potting, so I needed to contain the mess in one corner of the living room. Breaking up the pot would have been a great way to do it, just not under those circumstances.

    It’s funny that you mention that you and HH never arrive at a destination via the same route. It’s true for DH and me, too. We laugh about it now, but there was a time when he was a bit testy about it, and the words “I wouldn’t have gone this way” were likely to raise his dander.. I’m SO glad that we don’t actually have to share a working office any longer. It always felt as though he was intruding on my personal preserve. 🙂

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