World Without End

I’ve just finished re-reading “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. It was a book I thoroughly enjoyed a number of years ago. The story is of the plots and political intrigue involved in building a cathedral at Kingsbridge, England in the twelfth century.
I wanted to re-read it before I picked up “World Without End,” which is a sequel set two centuries later. I’m about three hundred pages into the story (the book is 1000+ pages), and I’ve been struck by the thought that all the machinations are extremely similar to what is being shown in the trailers for a TNT mini-series called “Political Animals.” Lying, back-stabling, changing political sides for personal gain, alliances for political gain, I’m sure you get the picture.
What grieves me is that things don’t seem to have changed in a millennium. I can only hope that this book, like the first, also ends with the good side finally winning the day after working through great strife. Too bad we can’t re-write our current political situation!

2 thoughts on “World Without End

  1. I still have the paperback version of Pillars that you gave me. I keep picking it up, but I’m playing check up with some professional reading, so it hasn’t won out yet. Bring World with you this weekend. Maybe all three of us can just sit around and read (or pretend to between naps!)

  2. Naps sound lovely, but only if you lock up your husband, first. There will be no more surprise pictures of me drooling, sprawled out in an Adirondack or two.

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