Weather…..oh, bother.

And we had such a good day, Tuesday.  Dear Husband and I had appointments with the dermatologist in the morning.  He drove so that I could take care of three phone calls that needed to be made.  We have the loveliest dermatologist, and I really enjoy visiting with her, but she got both of us with the liquid nitrogen this time, four spots on my face and one on his nose.  It’s good to be proactive about this stuff, so I’m really not complaining.

We treated ourselves to lunch at Pappadeaux, a Cajun favorite.  We know they serve OMG sized meals, so we were unusually prudent about our choices and still took home enough food that I didn’t have to cook.  Turning out of the parking lot, I mentioned that had we gone left, I could have visited a quilt shop we’ve finally tracked down.  DH is the most remarkable man.  He turned around and visited the shop with me!  I picked up some brights for baby quilts and browsed through their amazing selection of batiks.  It’s a place I want to visit again.

When we got home, I was chained to the chair in the office, where I sorted several days worth of mail, and organized what needed immediate attention and what could be thrown away.  I filed for a bit, all the while keeping an eye out the window.  Around 2:30 it had started raining.  The skies were quite dark to the south, so I thought we might miss the worst of it.  Hah!

It  looked as though the sun had set at 3:00 and the rain came down in earnest.  It continued to come down harder and harder all afternoon. In fact, it’s rained quite hard for about twelve hours now, and is expected to continue into the morning. The thought I shared with Dear Husband was that we were incredibly lucky that it had been in the 60s, otherwise we would be under twelve feet of snow!

Speaking of snow…. the temperature is expected to continue to drop, and by late morning we will have a mix of rain and snow, followed by snow in early afternoon.  I doubt that much of the early snow will accumulate because of the sodden ground, but as the day passes we will probably have ice to deal with.

It’s the middle of the night, a time when I am not usually at the computer.  I had a dream of the house floating off the foundation and sliding down the front lawn.  Somehow, that blended with the scene from “The Wizard of Oz,” and the house was at a crazy tilt at the road with legs in black and white striped stockings sticking out from one corner.  I guess I’d rather be awake than continue that dream, so perhaps I’ll get a little more filing done.

Have a good night, all!

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  1. Wow! Remind me not to eavesdrop on your dreams! You should be here to visit a quilting store that is going out of business. At this time, 30% off of everything!
    Do stop by my blog when you have a minute. I could use your advice/encouragement on my latest project.

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