Two Projects

It’s time to see if I can upload pictures in Word Press!  I’ve been working on two projects and I’d like to share them with you.

The first project started out as a charity quilt for Scraps on a Mission, but I’ve put so many hours into the project that I may keep this quilt, and redesign a version of it that won’t take as long for us to make.  This is the Maple Leaf Log Cabin quilt from my stash:

I need 56 of the Maple Leaves, and there are ten extra in this picture.  I’ll have to pare it down a bit.  Based on what I can see here, I’ll probably delete ten of the darker blocks.  I have all the strips cut to add the log cabin pieces to the blocks, so in January I’ll sit down and pop a DVD into the player and sew like crazy!  The finished quilt is roughly twin sized.

This second project was the result of wanting to pack up part of the studio that doesn’t get used frequently.  I was sorting through some of the boxes, to see if the unfinished projects and unused materials could be packed, and found 29 blocks that had been made from the scraps of several previous quilts.  Some of the strips have been pieced to make them long enough for these blocks.  It’s truly a scrap quilt.

What looks tan in this picture is actually an old gold, and the pieced strips are all darker than they look here.  The fabric to the right is being auditioned for borders  for the quilt.  Trust me, it all looks much richer in person than it does here.  This quilt will most likely be square and slightly smaller than a twin size bed quilt.

I love it when a scrap project comes together.  Having TWO on the board at the same time makes me itch to sew!  Hopefully, I’ll have pictures for you when these are done.

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