Three things….

…have ticked me off today. You’ll find two of them in entries below. The third thing had to do with the speech by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the United Nations.
I was sitting with Dear Husband, listening to the news tonight, and we heard clips of the speech. The first thought that came to my mind was “WHY are we buying oil from this man’s country?” I mean, why support someone who is so antagonistic?
Dear Husband, who thinks more globally than I do, and who is less emotional in his responses, cut to the chase and said, if we didn’t buy Venezuela’s oil, they’d just sell it to China. I have no doubt he is right.
Still, I’d like to see my country spend the money that is currently being spent on war, to find or develop other forms of energy, or other resources, which will make us less dependent on oil from other countries, or even better, not dependent at all.
For the first time, I truly feel that our government has made serious errors in their choices. I believe that our present government only responds to those who have the biggest lobbies, and that their decisions are not necessarily for the good of the many. I have the sense that our foreign relations are being handled ineptly. I hope that the administration is not setting the stage for WW III.
Am I being pessimistic? Probably. As I’ve said many times, it’s my job to worry. But, I’d like to leave a better world to my granddaughter than the one we live in now. I have a mental list growing. Global warming, e coli spreading through our food system, mad cow disease, improper farming techniques, the giving away of our jobs and manufacturing industry and research and development, the “dumbing down” of the nation, lack of decent health care for every citizen, horrendous prescription drug costs, abuse of the people by the government we elect, and even the need to update our election process…..these things all weigh on my mind. What about you? Are you bothered by these things?

4 thoughts on “Three things….

  1. I’m more than bothered about these things. The stamp thing, unbelievable! Children’s education or lack of , equally upsetting. The oil thing ticks me off beyond words I will use in this comment. So yes I’m with you on these issues.
    Diane Sawyer interviewed a young man this morning that went undercover as a high school student and has written a book about it which I’m anxious to read, High School Confidental, should be an interesting read.
    I tryed to post link but comment could not be submitted due to questionalbe content.
    Find more about it at good morning america, what high schoolers don’t want you to know. Pretty interesting

  2. IMHO: Limited energy (oil) supply is only 1/2 of the story. The other 1/2 is our wastefulness (especially in the USA) and global over-population.
    It would be nice if we could spend the billions/trillions/whatever that are being spent in the gulf region (for wars, for police actions, for oil) on weaning ourselves away from individual gas-guzzlers–for mass transit systems. The only way I know to get people to buy into mass transit, in the USA, is to make ridership free or very inexpensive. If I could walk 1/2-mile to a bus stop that would connect to a transit system that would take me into town and back, perhaps even I would keep my car in the garage!

  3. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one concerned about these things! Jessica, thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check it out because we have a large number of high school age relatives, and it can’t hurt to be prepared for our 2 year old granddaughter’s experiences.
    Cop Car, I agree with you. The nearest link for us is a mile away. While I wouldn’t mind a mile walk (where there are sidewalks for safety), I’d sure hate to have to carry all my groceries home that mile. We’d need much more wide-spread service to be able to shift to public transportation.

  4. Fortunately, I need not go “into town” for groceries. The store is a bit over 2/3 mile from the house; but, only once a week must groceries get purchased. Most of my driving is to get to the Red Cross office or attend retiree get-togethers–enough to put 300-400 miles on my car each month.

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