What kind of witch are you?

This is a little late for Halloween, but fun, nevertheless. I thought I might be an earth witch, but this is what the quiz has to say about me:

What kind of ‘witch’ are you?

You are a fiery witch. Your charisma and sensual beauty draw many to you. You are creative and full of vitality and inspiration. Never one to blend in, you’re appearance is bold, bright and..er.. fiery 🙂 You draw your power from fire and may be a bit of a pyro.. for pretty sented candles at least.
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Found at Why Rush.

3 thoughts on “What kind of witch are you?

  1. Buffy,
    I just took the same quiz and came up with exactly the same result.
    (It’s nice to be back, finally.)

  2. Adele, I’m not surprised that you and I are the same type of witch; we have so much in common!
    BW…..Good! I’d hate for a quiz I posted to be bogus! lol

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