THE Weekend

‘Tis the week or weekend for the bringing home of the boat! YEA!!!!
We’re not exactly sure when that’s going to happen. Dear Husband has to coordinate the un-stepping of the mast at the park district, with the company that will lift the Arr!! out. Everyone is just a bit iffy about how much work they have, so DH is trying to get in touch to see what their plans are.
If we are very very lucky, he will go this evening to get the boat ready, and the mast will be taken down early tomorrow morning. Then, he’ll have to motor to the company that does the lifting and wait in line. He could possibly be lifted out on Thursday afternoon and be on his way home in the same day, or this could stretch out until Saturday.
This will be the last time this year I will have to sleep alone due to the boat. In that sentence, there is a blessing and a sadness! lol There’s a lot to be said about both situations.
Everyone who knows me knows that it is my job to worry. I’ve already started worrying about bringing the boat home. The past few years we’ve had a lot of nightmares getting it home, and I worry not for the boat but for Dear Husband. I’ll be glad when they are both home safely.

2 thoughts on “THE Weekend

  1. No longer any need to worry. Dear Husband made it home shortly after dark. The boat is sitting on the driveway, waiting for sunlight to maneuver it through the trees to the back 40 for the winter. It sounds as though the entire process went smoothly. Yea!!!

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