The Close of an Era

We are coming to the end of our stay in the house that Dear Husband and I built 25 years ago.  We have fabulous memories  of those 25 years.  My mother, and DH’s second son lived with us for many of those years.  We entertained family at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter.  We watched my youngest sister’s girls grow in the first half of those years, and have been watching our granddaughters the last ten years.

We will sign the closing papers in two days, and if the walk-through goes well, will close on the sale July 30th.  That day, we’ll do a walk-through for the house we  wish to buy, and July 31st we’ll do the closing.  So…by August 1st we will begin to move things into the new house.

We will need to buy new appliances, and at least three carpets (entry, dining and living room).  There are hardwood floors in the public areas of the house.   I want to have the locks changed, and add deadbolts to the doors.   My friends are baby sitting both my indoor and outdoor plants until we get settled, so I need to get to know the house so we can decide where those plants will do the best.

If all goes well, the movers will bring about two-thirds of our belongings, including the beds, the oak table, chairs, kitchen and quilt studio on August 4th.  Once all that is squared away, we’ll need to have the 16 foot POD delivered.  That has more books, the china, clothing, and more kitchen stuff. (I suspect there is more, but I just can’t remember what was in those boxes.  The most difficult part of our move will be deciding what we keep and what goes.  We’ll have half the room now, so we’ll need to get rid of half the “Stuff!”

Wish us well!  🙂


8 thoughts on “The Close of an Era

  1. Hi, Buffy – I am a bit confused. Perhaps I misread, misunderstood, or misremembered; but, the last I “knew”, I thought that your contract on the new house was contingent upon sale of your existing. Does this mean that your existing home has sold? If so, congratulations and fair sailing. If not, I’m still happy to hear that you will be getting started on putting down your new roots. Best of luck in this adventure and a toast to your years of enjoying your present abode.

    • The final walk through on our house is Tuesday. The closing will be Wednesday. We close on the purchase of the new house on Thursday. It’s a pretty tight schedule. I hope nothing goes wrong in the next few days. Dear Husband is very lucky in these things, so I trust him to carry us through it with only minor bumps at best.

      THanks for your good wishes!

  2. P.S. I wish we were close enough for me to palm off a bunch of the iris rhizomes that I’m trying to get rid of. It had been long enough that every one of my iris beds (3 large and a few small) needed thinning. Five people in our HOA expressed interest in having iris starts; but, when I put out the call for them to come pick up the results from my work in ONE of the large beds, only one was prompt in showing up. I just now brought the rest into the house. The rhizomes can’t tolerate too many more days of 100-degree-plus weather, out in the garage! I won’t even think about the rest of the thinning that needs to be done until we get a break in the heat – expected in a few days, I think.

    • At the beginning of July, I took one or two rhizomes from nine of my iris plants. I wanted to carry part of my garden with me as we moved. I was able to get them all into pots a week later, along with a piece of my favorite day lily that decided to travel with a peach iris. I hope to get all the iris into the ground by August 15th, so that they have a chance to winter over. My exercise guru is baby sitting them for me. I’d have taken iris from you in a heartbeat, if we were closer. Good luck with the thinning.

  3. Hope everything goes to plan this week.

    Well done for getting through all that packing!

    Is the new house the one with Quilt Basement?

    • THanks, BW! Yes, the new house will have my studio in the basement. It was either that or using the two guest bedrooms on the main floor for quilting, and putting our guests in the one finished room in the basement. I think I’ll have more room if I take over the basement. I envy you the craft room you put upstairs in the addition to your home. I bet you have wonderful light!

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