I am SICK of TAXES! I propose that everyone, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE COUNTRY, pay 15% of their income each year to support the federal government, and another 3% for state funding. Wouldn’t THAT streamline the process?
Can’t ya see all the accountants, and lawyers and government workers scrambling to head off that proposal? They’d all be out of jobs, or would have to shift over to collections.
We are so top-heavy with management, and so overwhelmed by government that we are slowly sinking into the mire. Soon the middle class won’t be able to support all the demands made upon them, and then just who do you think will pay those bills?

5 thoughts on “Taxes

  1. That would work great for your state (with income tax), but we don’t have an income tax so I don’t think I would be really happy with the second half of your plan.
    On the other hand, I am unsure how much the first part would affect us – probably not much at all (perhaps lower it a bit if anything). It certainly wouldn’t make my paperwork any less since we have no deductions.

  2. Bogie, we’ll let each state decide if they wish to tax personal income. In Illinois the property tax situation is awful. Because education is funded through property tax, the schools are funded unequally.
    Actually, when I wrote about the 3% for states, I was thinking how nice it would be to cap the amount the state could tax us……(sigh). We seem to have elected public officials who believe that there is NO END to the money they can spend.

  3. 18%? Is that all? Blimey… I might consider moving to America!
    Seriously though – what % is property tax, and how is it worked out? Over here we have ‘council tax’, which is calculated on an A-H banding according to the size of your house. Our banding is slightly above average and we pay just short of £2K per year. This pays for some local services (police, fire, refuse collection, environment, otehr local council services, education and social services), but is also topped up by the government from general taxation.
    Our basic tax rate is 22%, rising to 40% once you earn more than about £35K, plus 8% National Insurance (which pays for health and pensions). Then there is VAT (sales tax) at 17.5% on everything except food staples and books.
    Then thre are loads of stealth taxes the current ‘government’ has extorted from us.
    Yes, I hate taxes too. With sales tax I reckon the governemnt takes more than 60% of our gross income.

  4. BW, I’m willing to go to 25% of my earnings, but that’s about all I want to be giving back. We have the same stealth taxes that you do, but we don’t have VAT. If EVERYONE in the US contributed, the middle class wouldn’t be taxed out of existance. The wealthy can find loopholes that make it possible to pay no tax at all, but what they don’t realize is that before long, they’ll have to carry all the rest of us, because we’ll all be broke!
    I can’t give you a specific percentage of tax for property, because it’s on a sliding scale, and each township determines how much their houses are worth. I can tell you that you are taxed on the number of garages and bathrooms and rooms you have, the square-foot size of the house, and the land, and that things like trash compactors and dishwashers add to your taxes. I could currently put a kid through private school with what I pay in annual property tax. We pay MORE in tax than we do on the mortgage, and it would be nice to have a little relief from the ever growing tax burden.

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