Quilting Bee

Seven ladies who quilt come to visit at my house the first Friday of each month. We don’t have an official name, and we all seem to have our own specialty within quilting.  We bring new acquisitions and old and new projects to share, and we chat.  We chat and we eat.

Usually at the meeting close to the Fourth of July we have an indoor picnic.  Everyone signs up to bring something to share, and Dear Husband and I provide the meat.  This year three of our members were going to be away, so we moved the picnic to the August meeting.  Despite the shift, we still had just five members in attendance tonight, but it was a very pleasant gathering.

Knowing that some of the ladies would be away, I decided that I should cook a bit more than usual.  Another quilting friend had shared a recipe for pulled pork that I wanted to try.  I planned to broil bratwurst and hot dogs for those who might not care for the pulled pork.  I made a cold corn salad, deviled eggs, hamburger baked beans and Hot German potato salad.  I also made a peach pie, just in case the dessert lady was one of the absentees.

By 4:00 or so my feet really hurt, and I still had an hour of preparation to go.  The back door opened and Dear Husband walked in, home from the lake.  I had expected him around 8:00, but it was rainy, so he came home early.  DH took over the broiling duties while I finished the potato salad.

One lady brought spinach dip as an appetizer.  Another brought ciabatta rolls.  A third brought romaine, avocados and a wonderful lemony vinaigrette., and the fourth provided Key Lime pie.  I knew we would have way too much food, so I’d picked up containers that I could use to send food home with each of the ladies.

One of the ladies washed the plates and serving pieces for me, and another dried.  I put things away and made a second container of iced tea, and we sat down to chat.  It was a very laid back, lovely meeting.  Oddly, no one bought anything to work on. Hopefully, that will make next month’s show and tell that much more exciting!

4 thoughts on “Quilting Bee

  1. Buffy–It’s difficult for me to picture that few people attending a gathering at your home. You are more accustomed to eight times that number! Sounds like you had a good time, and that you were prepared for getting rid of those left-overs. (I can smell the pulled pork from here!)

    Bringing a quilting project to work on can be a project in itself. Knitting and crochet projects are much easier to drag along. At that, we frequently have one or two women who show up at our weekly “Hooks & Needles” sessions at the Senior Center.

  2. Cop Car, I have a group smaller than this that comes to piece and quilt once a month. You should see all the equipment these ladies bring. It’s a wonder they don’t have bad backs. Five of us have made more than 36 quilts, four of which are twin-sized. One of the ladies is really an over-achiever! lol

    I have crocheting that I take along when I get to be the passenger on a trip. I’m still making squares for afghans that are for charity.

    I have to say that it’s much easier to get ready for the smaller groups! lol

  3. Those afghan squares are never going away, are they?

    In my previous comment, I had intended to write, “At that, we frequently have one or two women who show up at our weekly “Hooks & Needles” sessions at the Senior Center, without a project on which to work.”

  4. CC, there are times when some or even ALL of my quilting bee just comes to eat and talk. It doesn’t happen often, but it seems that the social aspect of the gathering is strong enough that ladies attend even if they are between projects. Now that I am doing more work at my machine, it makes it more difficult to have hand work for bee, so I occasionally make the dreaded afghan squares. 🙂

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