Okay, WHERE IS IT!??

I bought a piece of fabric to use as a narrow border in a small lap quilt, and also for the binding. I’m almost ready to bind this little quilt and do you think that I can find that piece of fabric!??? I have looked everywhere. I’m positive that I set it down, thinking, “This is the perfect place to store this fabric until I need it for binding.” Unfortunately, I didn’t take notes.
The one-inch wide inner border is of a medium dark red, with a darker pattern of flowers in red. It isn’t a shade that matches anything I have in my stash. Now, I am confident enough in my quilting that I don’t have to match things exactly. I learned about NOT matching my quilting fabrics from a lecture by Mary Ellen Hopkins, so I could comfortably find another red that would work. The thing of it is, I know that fabric is sitting somewhere in this house, taunting me, and I want to use it up.
I can promise that there will be an addendum to this post……saying, “I found it!” And it will have been in some obvious place. I hate having an uncooperative memory!

2 thoughts on “Okay, WHERE IS IT!??

  1. That sounds like me. I place things where I’m sure it make sense, and I can find it again easily – not. I lost a special magnet (don’t ask) only days after I recieved it. I can’t find that dang thing for the life of me. I figured it would be on the fridge, no; in the junk pot, no; in my motorcycle bag, no. It is driving me nuts!
    Good luck finding your binding!

  2. OH, I hope you find your magnet, Bogie. I’m just about ready to choose another fabric for this binding. I’ve looked and looked, and I think the gremlins have taken it. Irritating, isn’t it to know that it has to be there.

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