Oh Joy, Oh JOY!

I am SO pleased to tell you that we have found a new caregiver for Elegante Mother! She is responding so well that it’s as though someone flipped a switch! I have tremendous guilt that we didn’t act on this sooner, but we might not have found this treasure if we’d booted the previous caregiver sooner.
A number of problems cropped up recently when Caregiver #1 discovered that she was going to have to pay part of her taxes. I failed to withhold taxes from her check, so WE will pay the lion’s share of taxes for this bimbo, but she is angry that she will have to pay her own federal and state withholding. I have no empathy for her. She will tell you she is proud to be an American in one breath, and in the next, she will tell you “I no pay taxes; I have mortgage!”
The final straw occurred the morning she was to leave. I arrived to visit with EM so that she had company as Caregiver #1 left and then Caregiver #2 arrived. EM was practically comatose! She was hard to rouse, and when her eyes finally opened, she could barely focus on pictures of birds in the “Birds and Blooms” magazine I was sharing with her. When My-Sister-The-Nurse arrived and helped EM to wash and dress, EM was so shaky after the short walk to her chair that I thought we might loose her.
MSTN was checking the box we use to dispense medicine and she discovered that Caregiver #1 had been over-medicating EM. She was getting twice the appropriate dose of one of the meds.
I’m happy to tell you that as time passed, EM became brighter. A quick lunch helped to settle her blood sugar, and she began to take notice of what what happening around her. By 3:00 in the afternoon she was chatting with her new caregiver. They seem to be getting along famously!
We are so fortunate to have found someone that EM likes, who is able to care for her in the manner we expect. I hope this relationship will be long-lived, and that both sides will be content with the situation. It’s a relief to know that EM is in good hands!

2 thoughts on “Oh Joy, Oh JOY!

  1. I’m so glad you found a new caregiver for EM, and one that she likes too! With EM’s meds going back to the correct dose, hopefully she will do much better.

  2. It can be difficult to get people from other cultures to understand their tax obligations within our governmental system, I suppose. I’ve not been faced with that situation. Years ago when we had part-time household help, I recall that a couple of people declined the job over the tax issue, but since that was a part of our pre-employment discussion, I was never faced with an after-the-fact bruhaha. (Too, I believe that I withheld taxes; but, as the last paycheck I issued was in the mid-1970s, I no longer recall.)
    Let’s hope that CG#2 is the jewel that she seems to be. They do exist!

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