Labor Day 2011

And I am laboring! Saturday and Sunday I spent a good part of each day in my quilting studio, working on pieces of five different quilts. I made binding for one baby quilt and sewed the binding on to two others. I cut out the sashing strips for a quilt that will go to Scraps on a Mission, and assembled all of the horizontal rows of a 6 x 6 block quilt. Yesterday afternoon I sewed the first three rows of that quilt together, and hope to finish it tomorrow.
I was in the kitchen, making the first zucchini bread of fall when the back door opened and in walked Dear Husband. He came home from the lake a full day earlier than I had expected, and told me that wind and waves forecast for today were going to make it too unpleasant to stay on the boat, even moored in the harbor. He also said his stomach was a little on the fritz. I hate to sail. My stomach is ALWAYS on the fritz when I am on a boat, so I just figured the weather was really whipping up and didn’t give the comment about the upset tummy much attention.
Well, it seems he has the flu. Until the past year or two I would have told you that Dear Husband NEVER gets sick, but now that he’s in his mid-sixties he picks up little bugs now and then. Or, perhaps he was just more stoic about them before and hid them well. At any rate, he’s home for the day, taking it easy, reading a science magazine.
I got up early this morning, intending to go out to weed as soon as the sun was up, but I stalled. It was about 56 when I checked the temperature at the NOAA site. DH and I had breakfast together and we talked about meals for this week and next. I checked to see what we needed from the store.
Usually the first thing I do when I go out to work on the gardens is to feed the birds. I was working on that when I realized the mice and chipmunks had made a mess on the shelving above the seed bins. I cleaned that up, mixed up more seed, filled the bird feeders and then headed out with the weedeater. I got the area at the front of the house finished and then pulled the spent day lily stalks. I had the chance to look over the beds and plan my attack over the next few days.
The budlea that I thought would never amount to anything is suddenly a blooming shrub. My sister, Frankie, has warned me that it will grow out of hand, and that I may regret having planted it where it is. I’m pretty sure she’s right 🙁 (But, it’s a really pretty plant!)
Later today, I’m going to use the weedeater in the back, around the herb garden and finish potting up some mums for the front of the house. I’m eager to make the front of the house more inviting for fall. Maybe it’s time to pull out the tomato plant that’s creeping across the sidewalk! *G*
Happy Labor Day to you all!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day 2011

  1. I hope whatever is making DH feel icky goes quickly. I enjoyed a little gardening this weekend – actually the beginnings of cleaning up for the fall. Planted the potted lavender, removed sad-sack plants – mostly impatiens – and emptied a number of pots and put them away. I mowed the front lawn before Ben got home yesterday, and I watered everything well. In spite of the threat of rain, we’ve had none for quite some time. Hope your week goes well!

  2. He seems to be doing pretty well, today. I think it was just a little bug, or perhaps a response to what he’d had to eat.
    I’ve been thinking about fall cleanup, too. There are several plants that are ready to be pulled or cut back, and it wouldn’t hurt to put the iris at the top of the trimming list.
    I put pots away mid-summer, when I failed to water properly during the terrible heat, and lost the lantana. I brought several pots out for the mums and have topped off the dirt around the geraniums that the chipmunks keep trying to un-plant!
    We need to pray for rain here, too. All the storms have divided and gone north or south of us.
    How alike we are in our thoughts this fall! *S*

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