It’s Official!

Boating season has begun for the Arr!! This morning at 5:30 my stepson and I waived Dear Husband down the driveway and off on his trip to Lake Michigan. DH had to go from the western suburbs to the south end of the lake to Crowley’s Yacht Yard.
I’m always astounded to watch him maneuver a 32 foot sail boat on a trailer with a fourteen foot stake-bed truck. It must be quite the sight, rolling down the tollways, amidst Chicago rush hour traffic. He arrived in plenty of time for his slot, and I think they might have craned the boat in a bit early. Around noon, DH called to let me know that he was already at the harbor where he will moor for the summer. Tomorrow, the park district will step the mast, and he’ll be good to go!
While DH is gone this weekend I hope to get more work done in the gardens, and clean the quilting studio. I might even check to see if there are any movies I’d like to see. I’ll need to decide on what we’ll be having for dinner on Sunday and get a little grocery shopping done. If I’m lucky, I might even be able to squeeze in some time on a quilt. It should be a busy, fun weekend.
Happy Sailing, DH!