It’s Official…

…I’m a boat widow.
I rose early today. Dear Husband kissed me awake as he usually does, and then he headed out into his day. I hurried to dress, but I wasn’t quite quick enough. I made it to the window to see the stern of the Arr!! start it’s ghostly trip down the driveway.
I fret on this day. Not because I will be a boat widow for the coming summer, but because I can envision DH pulling the Arr!! on the Chicago tollways as rush hour builds. It can’t be a fun trip!
It’s light out, the trees are still, so he has the advantage of little or no wind. He’ll be in Chicago in less than an hour, and then I think he takes the Dan Ryan south. No one in his right mind travels the Dan Ryan, especially towing a boat, unless he MUST. You can tell what an obsession this is for Dear Husband.
Sooooooooo…….quilting, gardening, visiting antique markets, looking for garden walks to visit…..girly things rule! (If we do this long enough, one day I might actually sound happy when “The Season” is upon us. Until then, I’ll just fake it.)

7 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. Oh! heavens! I’ll pray that he got there okay. Obsession is probably an apt word for his sailing.
    Isn’t good that we love our pursuit as much?

  2. He got there, but the boat yard screwed up. He’ll have to go back, because they weren’t ready to step the mast. 🙁

  3. Joy, I KNEW you’d understand! *G* Are we taking any bets that DH will be among the sailing from Friday thru Monday??

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