Imprudent Choices

Do you ever decide to do something when you know it’s an imprudent choice?

This week, I was supposed to be working in the basement, getting ready for Saturday, when the teens were coming to help us move things up and out.  I KNEW that should have been my first priority, but something got in the way.

We had given one of the Scraps on a Mission quilts to be used for the auction following the Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner.  The funds raised go to a shelter in Chicago which helps women get on their feet and return to the position of being the center of their families.  We think the quilt was given to the shelter by accident, rather than being held back for the auction.

One of the Scraps on a Mission ladies decided to try to make a  lap quilt for the auction, but ran into trouble with the assembly.  It nagged at me that we had nothing to offer them, so Tuesday night, I sat down and cut most of the floral fabrics that you will see in the picture below.

I sewed for part of Wednesday, and most of Thursday.  I pinned, quilted and bound on Friday.  Ta-Da!  It was done just before dinner on Friday.

Snowball resized

The hands you see (and feet) belong to Dear Husband, who held the quilt so I could get a picture before it was given away.  I must say that I was disappointed that it only brought $150 after all that work and rush, but the shelter benefits from the auction and every little bit helps.  I was surprised to find that it was the man who runs the shelter who won it!  Even more surprised because his wife won the quilt that I’d made the year before (for $80 dollars more! lol)

It’s done.  I can put it all to rest, and get back to doing what I should be doing.  Life is good!

3 thoughts on “Imprudent Choices

  1. Tell you DH that he’s “lookin’ good!” I did not see how you could possibly get the quilt completed in time; but…you did. Good for you!

  2. There is nothing wrong with shifting priorities and deciding providing for charity trumps getting things boxed up.

  3. I told him he as lookin’ good, and he snorted! lol

    CC, I wondered if I would be able to get it done on time. I had it pinned to quilt, turned it over and found a big bunch of fabric wadded up on the back, and had to start over again. I wondered if it would come together. The quilting didn’t take much time at all. Actually, I should have put more quilting into the project, but I’m confident that it will hold together.

    Bogie, I felt so strongly about this that I kept moving forward. I’m fortunate that DH was willing to pitch in with some of the household chores so that we could host my sister, and I could quilt, too.

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