Woe is Me…..and DH…..

I was expecting my boat widowhood to end today. Dear Husband took the trailer to the boat yard last night in preparation for the homecoming. He spent the night on the boat, a last hurrah for the season, and motored to the boat yard early this morning.
He’d said that maybe 17 boats were ahead of him waiting to be lifted out. I didn’t expect him to come home early today. A little after 4:00 he called to tell me that he was on one of the major Chicago tollways with a flat tire on the trailer.
It’s VERY difficult to help long distance! I went to the computer and began searching in whitepages.com. A friend also searched, and sent me a more helpful search through MSN, where I found a 24 hour truck service. The problem is, the trailer has smaller tires than most trucks.
One of my family members works for the county sheriff’s office, and he called the state troupers and asked to have a patrol car check the situation. Our problem is that the tire shops are closed for the night, and that boat and trailer will not be moving without a new tire.
We hope that the truck service is going to come through for us, otherwise, Dear Husband will have to separate the truck and trailer and leave the boat at the side of the road, a thought I don’t want to entertain!
I’m going to go search for all night tire dealers, now. With any luck I’ll get my husband back for the winter, soon.

6 thoughts on “Woe is Me…..and DH…..

  1. UPDATE: He made it home. By then it was quite dark, and he couldn’t see the trees, or the dog-leg in our driveway. He left it sitting on the drive, to be rolled onto the back 40 when it’s light out.
    One of the places that I called came through for Dear Husband after hours of checking stock for the tire, and the delay of the service call.
    Still, he made it home safely! YEA!!

  2. So glad to hear DH made it home safely Buffy. How frustrating. Your post really hit home and reminded me of all the times my husband made that exact trip to take our boat out of the water for the season. Sailors are a special breed….give DH an extra hug.

  3. Cop Car, I wasn’t sure that we could find a place on Saturday night to get the tire, and the State Trooper was talking about having the boat towed. Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to be around when they tried that, but luck was with us and it never happened. I’m relieved that it all worked out!

  4. Joy, I knew you would understand about the ritual of the boat moving. I’d rather not store the boat at the boat yard. It’s horribly expensive, and it means that DH can’t work on the boat in the spring (and MORE expense to farm that work out). On the other hand, the idea of not having the boat on the raod is becoming more and more attractive!
    I read DH your comment about the hug, so he’d feel appreciated! *G*

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