I am a Boat Widow 2006

yep…the time has come. On Saturday it becomes official….boat widowdom for 2006.
Dear Husband had to part with the Arr!! so that the transmission could be overhauled during the winter. When the boat yard worked on it, they discovered that the support, or housing, for the transmission had cracked, and it had to be replaced. They let DH have the boat back long enough for the annual scraping and patching, varnishing and minor repairs to be done, and then it had to be returned to the boat yard.
By Saturday, the yardies should have put the boat into the water, taken care of the loose wires and tested the engine. Dear Husband will collect it, and motor twelve miles north to the mooring. I hope for his sake that the rain we had today, and expect to carry over to Friday, will have abated before he takes the wheel. It’s going to be COLD out there. He doesn’t need for it to be raining, too.
When the boat yard was located on the Chicago River, I enjoyed the trip upriver in the spring. It was astonishing to motor though the glass canyon, and see Chicago’s magnificent buildings from an entirely new perspective. Now they have moved south along Lake Michigan, so the trip is not quite as much fun.
Dear Husband is always eager to get onto the water and get squared away. After all, he’s been waiting all winter to return to the water. So, the very next day after the boat returns to the lake we celebrate Mother’s Day. Next weekend, we celebrate our granddaughter’s second birthday on Saturday. In June, there’s a family reunion the day before Father’s Day. I wonder if he will get to sail at all that weekend.
Don’t feel too bad for him, though. Once we get into summer proper, he’ll leave here on Saturday morning, and we won’t see him until Sunday evening. He hires my nephew to mow, and everything else has to wait until October 15, and the end of the Chicago sailing season.
I’ve been making a list of things I want to do on the weekends while he is away…. The Sandwich Antique Faire, the bookseller’s fair in Chicago, a number of movies coming out shortly, the Farmer’s Market, perhaps the Art Museum. I want to QUILT!!! I plan to put the frame back up in the living room and watch reruns of Gray’s Anatomy, House, M.D. and Boston Public, while I improve my quilting stitch. I’m starting to collect “summer” books, and there’s always weeding…
I’m a boat widow.

5 thoughts on “I am a Boat Widow 2006

  1. You may be a boat-widow, but Buffy, you have plans. Plans that I so envy. When you put up the quilting frames, can I come over? 😀

  2. What a great place for a quilting frame–in your living room. That should make the quilting time even more enjoyable (you lucky thing, you!) I’m amazed that DH will give up boating for Mother’s Day and a birthday. For years, HH was in Joplin MO (Loma Linda Resort) playing golf with his buds on Mother’s Day weekend–and he’s frequently out on Red Cross assignment on birthdays. We just don’t celebrate as seriously as your family does. Those genes (my mother definitely had them) skipped a generation.

  3. Roberta, I’d LOVE company at the frame. I learned to quilt at a frame in the company of about ten other women, and I miss the camraderie. I have a guest room. Come visit any time!
    Cop Car, Dear Husband and I happen to be relaxed about SOME holidays, but we felt that Elegante Mother might need our company since most of her children celebrate with their families.
    We don’t celebrate the Fourth of July together. DH takes the kids out on the boat to see the fireworks, and I stay home with EM. We tend not to do things for Memorial Day or Labor Day, other than an attempt at picnic food, and we’d ignore Halloweeen if DH had his way.
    You’ve just heard so much about preparation for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, that it seems to you we party all the time, when we’re really quiet church mice. (Oh…..our exercise group will be coming for brunch in a few weeks…35 to 40 people, and the Red Hat Ladies are coming the following Saturday. The quilting bee meets here for a Fourth of July dinner on the first Friday of July. We DO entertain, but that’s about it.)
    As for the quilting frame being set up in the living room, everyone knows that I live to quilt. They all ask what I’m working on, and expect to see the frame. I COULD set it up in the dining room, the kitchen or the foyer, but I like to watch (or listen) to the TV while I quilt, especially if I am alone. So, the living room is the perfect place. Come visit. You can kibitz while Roberta and I quilt! 🙂

  4. Well it seems you have alot of activities planned so I am sure you won’t be bored. I love the Art Institute. What exhibits are there this summer?

  5. Susan, I haven’t the faintest idea, but I’m going to go and enjoy them. I may make several trips, depending on what they have on exhibit. I’m contemplating taking my mother with, on the train….then a cab…to the Institute…then to a dinner and reverse the trip. I hope I can pursuade her to go!

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