In yesterday’s mail, we received a Notice of General Assessment. The Township Assessor and the Supervisor of Assessments have declared that our house has increased in value $80,000 in just one year! And that was in a year where economically things have been slow. We have not changed our house in any way. It’s a year older, and needs some maintenance. There have been no changes to the area around us, that would make our house more valuable. The township simply wants to be able to charge more in taxes.
Our present manner of funding for education is going to drive the average homeowner right out of their houses and into the streets. We’ll see tent cities like those in the depression, or homes where both husband and wife work will see third and fourth jobs becoming common.
Our General Assembly refuses to consider the people who elect them, and THEIR needs. Instead, they play political games which keep them from signing off on a balanced budget, and then they have the gall to complain that they are not paid a large enough per diem for the “overtime!” Meanwhile, our Governor takes pots shots at the General Assembly, trying to set himself up for re-election, and he’s not doing anything for us, either!
Our taxes have increased a horrendous amount each year at a time when we are trying to save for retirement. Just who is going to support us when the money we’ve saved runs out? What is going to happen to people who are so strapped by the taxes that they can’t save?
We’ve been paying into Social Security our entire lives. Unfortunately, by the time we reach the age when the Federal Government allows us to draw on Social Security, I doubt there will be a cent left, due to mismanagement by the government. Add the cost of medical care, and the war, and things look pretty grim.
I’m not a happy camper today. I doubt I’ll be a happy camper until SOMEONE turns our government around.
I read somewhere that a quarter or more of the population of the United States works in some governmental capacity: township, city, county, state, federal, the judicial system, the military, the CIA, the FBI, the CDC, Homeland Security……it’s endless. We give money away to other countries, when we are so strapped that we can’t provide decent health care to our uninsured.
Nope…..I’m not a happy camper. I’m ready for change!

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