Holiday Extravaganza!

Dear Husband goes to the salon once a month to have a haircut and beard trim.  The young woman who takes care of him is like a family member to us.  She told DH that she was performing in a concert on Saturday, and he asked for information.  Cindy has been a part of the Sweet Adelines for ages.  She sings in the Melodeers Chorus, and they gave a performance in Lincolnshire at Stevenson High School.

We left home about an hour and a half before the performance.  We wanted to be sure to find the school in plenty of time, and not walk in late.  It took us about an hour to get there via tollways.  We walked in, and bought tickets, and were lucky to get two of the last few seats left.

The auditorium was slow to fill, and the concert was delayed by about ten minutes.  When they got started, we were absorbed in the performance and well entertained. Cindy was in the front row, smack in the center!  Five quartets sang, dispersed among songs sung by the chorus, which boasts 150 members.  The first half of the show featured popular Christmas tunes.  The second half was mostly traditional carols.  I was fascinated by the harmonies, chord progressions and arrangements, choreography and superb voices.

It was a wonderful way to get into the Christmas season, and to support Cindy.  I’m delighted to have had the chance to hear her sing.

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