Hey, Foodies….

I stumbled across the most wonderful blog yesterday! It’s called “Orangette.”
The author, Molly, has created a wonderful pastiche of recipes and life that is absolute eye candy. Even if you are not into cooking you’ll enjoy this blog.
I was searching for a recipe for Italian Plum Jam. Her August entry on making blackberry jam gives me not only the recipe, but all the side notes that should make it a successful experience. She started with the picking of the blackberries and carried the story all the way through to the canning of the jam. I wished I had been there. It sounded like a glorious day.

2 thoughts on “Hey, Foodies….

  1. Hit the Farmer’s Market or the grocery store, Pattie. We tried her recipe using plums today and I want to blog about the results.
    Personally, I think a RED RASPBERRY version of this would be the bee’s knees!

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