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Bogie wrote:
“We have friends that are going thru this very thing. They have to prepay anything that their mother might use (such as the funeral / burial plot and storage units – she has a lot of stuff that she refuses to get rid of). Also WS’s family went thru this several years ago (gosh, has it really been like 10 years ago?) Medicare won’t kick in until everthing that EM has has been spent, so there will be nothing left for funerals and what not if they aren’t pre-paid. It’s not a pleasant thought, trying to get everything taken care of beforehand, but it is neccessary in order to spare everyone later down the road. ”
Bogie took a moment to respond to my comments about the need to step up to the plate and take care of things for my mother, and I wanted to share my answer to her.
Bogie, for the past year it’s been really tough. I’ve worried that I was missing things that needed to be done, or that I was handling things incorrectly. Most of us don’t know the legal issues involved in taking over responsibility for our parent’s assets.
I have to tell you that I feel incredibly better having talked to the lawyer. The CPA has also given me pertinent information. I think that once I have followed through on the information, I will be able to set my worries aside, and just enjoy the time I have with Elegante Mother.
And shouldn’t that be the way it is? I want to stop worrying, and just enjoy the time we have left.

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  1. I meant to also add that consulting an Elder lawyer was very smart of you! Glad you got some answers from the experts.

  2. Thanks, Bogie. I don’t know why it took me so long to visit the lawyer, but I’m really glad I did. A quilting friend called today to tell me that HER mother now needs a caregiver. She asked me to explain how we chose to contract for services, and I encouraged her to talk to both a lawyer and a CPA now….not to wait.

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