Green Olive Tapenade

There is a restaurant near my home that sells a “muffaletta” sandwich that knocks my socks off. It’s a very non-traditional muffaletta, made using Italian rolls, lunch meat, and mozzarella. The topping is what I like. It’s made of very finely diced green olives and garlic, and it makes my mouth go, “Yuuuuummmmm!”
I’ve tried other tapenades, and like them, but I like this one the most. I’m going to have to see if they will sell it to me by the half pint.
I’ve been trying to link to a picture of a muffaletta for you, without luck. Go to Google Images and type in “muffaletta,” and you can see hundreds of them! Thanks to all of you, I may know how to make the tapenade! I have a small food processor called a “Little Oscar.” If I put green olives stuffed with pimentos, a few cloves of garlic and some olive oil in the base and chopped them fine, I might have what I’m looking for!

2 thoughts on “Green Olive Tapenade

  1. Oh sure, I’ve gone wheat free and can’t have bread. I look up muffaletta and find the most delicious looking “sandwiches”. What torture!

  2. Oh, that was cruel of me, Bogie! I didn’t realize you are wheat free. Give the tapenade a try on something else that suits your diet. It’s yummy, I promise!

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