Great News!

For those of you who have read here recently, I want you to know that my husband is doing very well!  He was in the hospital for a total of eight days.  He had an incredible number of tests done, and he will have a lot of follow-up visits with several doctors, but he is well!  I know…I know….. He is MUCH better than when he went into the hospital.  I think I’ll be able to say he is well before too long.

Dear Husband missed the speeding bullet.  HIs nurse described the mostly clogged artery as “The Widow Maker,” so you know it was serious.  We’re working on lifestyle changes.  This evening we had cod for dinner, with steamed broccoli.  Yes, there was a little bacon, and some cheddar cheese over the cod, but considerably less than there might have been a year ago.

We will be adding exercise to our routine, and checking blood pressure and blood sugars, so we’ll have plenty of feedback.  I hope we will BOTH be healthier as we enter the coming year.

Thank you for your kind messages, and for your positive thoughts and prayers!



4 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. That is great news, Buffy! Glad that your DH is doing so well.

    I know that you and DH will miss it; but, bacon isn’t a necessity of life – lol. We probably buy about three pounds of bacon each year – and Hunky Husband eats all but about 1/2 strip of that. (He has the genes that allow him to eat all sorts of things that I’ve not eaten in about 30 years. That is on top of all the running that he does!) Good luck on your (re-)new(ed) lifestyle!

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