Getting Ready for Christmas

Or not….as the case may be.  As you know, we are planning to put our house on the market.  We were supposed to have it ready this past year, but a number of things interrupted our plans, including a new knee for Dear Husband.

When I thought the house would be on the market last summer, I boxed up all the winter clothes, the fall decorations and the Christmas decorations.  Boxes and boxes of things are stacked in the basement.  All that storage makes it a little more difficult to get to what I need.

I’d like to decorate the house so that every room looks gracious and festive, but it seems more prudent to follow the “less is more” philosophy this year.  I put up swags at the carriage lights, and a wreath at the front door.  I have wreaths up on both sides of the fireplace. I put a wreath covered with silk berries at the back door, and my Mother’s cute country “Welcome” wreath on the door to the studio.

I finally decided to use our  six-foot fake Sitka spruce tree as our Christmas tree this year.  My-Sister-The-Nurse and My-Niece-The-Artist put new lights on the tree for me and redecorated it last July, so it looks really lovely. I just need to put out the tree skirt.

I plan to bring things up for the mantle.  I have a man-made garland that is made of little red seeds that will compliment the wreath.  I’ll anchor it with candles in hurricanes, to be lit Christmas Eve.  And, I think I may decorate the chandelier in the dining room.

With a few poinsettias, and flower arrangements, we should be good to go.  I like the idea of a simpler look, that allows us to enjoy the holiday.  I’ll make a few cookies this week, and wrap gifts on Sunday, and we (I hope) will be good to go!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. I’m laughing really hard because only a dedicated decorator like you would think that your 2012 decorations follow “less is more”. Good for you!

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