Follow Up

Dear Husband called to tell me that the Truck Service had found him, and brought just the tire he needed. He chose to leave the interstate and make his way home on surface roads. When he got close to home, he called again. I pulled on shoes and socks, and a long-sleeved t-shirt jacket to protect my arms from the mosquitoes. I grabbed a flashlight and headed down the driveway. We both made it to the end of the driveway at the same time.
As he was backing the boat into the drive, a car coming up behind him turned on his brights, to light the area. It didn’t help a great deal, but I thought it was kind of the driver to give it a try. DH had the boat into the driveway within two minutes, and then things went much slower.
DH drives a truck with a 14 foot stake bed. He’s VERY talented at backing it up with loads like equipment trailers, cement mixers or boats attached, but backing up our driveway in the dark is exceptionally difficult. The driveway is more than 250 feet long, and has a bend in it. That alone is difficult, but at the bend there are trees right next to the drive on either side. DH told me he was trying to miss the west tree…and pointed out the scrapes, just about at boat level, and admitted that he’d had some close calls over the years. Now add darkness to the mix, and you can imagine how difficult things were. He actually had the boat in the perfect position when he stopped. Unfortunately, the truck has to be in the perfect position, too, and it wasn’t.
Please make note in your Day Timers: I am going to praise my husband!
Dear Husband had the sense to turn off the motor, leave the truck, and lock it up for the night. He left it standing on the drive, and came in to have some supper. He finished the move this morning, all by himself. The Arr!! is settled in for the winter. Over the next week or so, DH will off load food, sails, cushions, and anything that might suffer from mildew. I really think he’s trying to make it less inviting for the raccoons! *G*
As my sister might say….”Home again, Home again…..”
My boat widowhood is coming to a close for 2007.

3 thoughts on “Follow Up

  1. Janet, I was worried, but DH rose to the challenge! I can’t tell you how glad I am that the return of the boat came off safely this year.

  2. I’m glad he managed to get it all sorted out and the Arr!! is now home and settled for the winter. I can imagine how concened you were and how glad you must be to have it all sorted without any further problems.

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