First Farmer’s Market Visit

Dear Husband and I made our first trip to the Farmer’s Market yesterday. DH was traveling toward the boat for the weekend, but stopped to be my pack horse for the market. I was relatively restrained, less than one totebag of goodies, but it was nice to have his help.
Tomatoes, fresh dill, green beans, zucchini, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, crimini mushrooms and cheese curds…..I think that was all I got. I passed on the unusual flavors and shapes of pasta, and the potted herbs, kohlrabi, the great bread from Breadsmith, and plenty of other things. I’ll get them another time.
Fruit salad to go with dinner tonight, and maybe a strawberry rhubarb pie. Interested?

2 thoughts on “First Farmer’s Market Visit

  1. Farmer’s markets are great. The locla market in Hillsboro hasn’t gotten many stalls yet this year, but I’m guessing it is getting far enough into the season (and having georgeous weather for a week) that we will see more vendors there with more goods.

  2. I missed a few of the regulars at our Farmers Market, but they may show up later in the season. Our trip through the stalls was pretty quick and businesslike. The next time I go, I’ll take a little more time to shop. By early July, we should be seeing more varieties of veggies available.

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