My youngest sister, Frankie, and her husband are coming to visit.  They’ll be arriving today so that we have some time together.  Tomorrow we are all taking a class in bread making at Sur La Table.  Their classes are just wonderful.  Frankie and I have taken classes there before.

We hope My-Sister-The-Nurse will join us, but she has a dreadful cold, and may have to beg off.  She doesn’t want to share the cold, and we really don’t want to catch one.

I’ve been working on the first twin-sized quilt for Scraps on a Mission.  Pictures will follow when the binding is on.  I’m so very pleased at how well this is going.  I thought the larger quilts would be much harder to work on at the machine, but the 11″ opening on the Janome makes a huge difference!

Monday I see the foot specialist.  I have some minor issues to run past him.  The orthotics he prescribed have helped!

Tuesday, Scraps on a Mission meets, and right after the ladies leave, our realtor comes.  We’ll be signing contracts for the sale of our house.  I’m sad, but I’m tired of living in limbo.

Thursday, I finally get my perm!  I’ll look like Little Orphan Annie for Easter, but it will make it easier to shape my hair for the next few months.

I hope to get more quilting in this coming week, and then we go to My-Sister-The-Nurse’s for Easter.

We start the week with family and end the week with family.  I’m a happy camper, getting to see so much of my family.