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I need to find some cooking classes that will help me prepare simple but well seasoned food!
I know how to cook the basic American menu, but I’m very tired of everything tasting the same. I don’t exactly know what taste I’m looking for, but I want more interesting food without having to spend the entire day in the kitchen.
Dear Husband doesn’t mind crockpot meals. On occasion, I’m willing to use them, especially when we have so many activities there isn’t time to prepare a good meal. But, there are some meals where everything shouldn’t be blended together. I don’t enjoy veggies that have been cooked together all day long, so that you can’t tell what kind of veggie you’re eating. Crockpots are good for baked beans, or for slow cooking soup all day long.
My appetite has been missing for the last week or so. I find I’m just beginning to think about planning meals, and eating something more than chicken and rice soup. No casseroles for a while, I think
I’m so glad that it’s time for the Farmers Markets to be up and running. I’ll miss the one this weekend, but you can be sure I’ll be out there next week, raring to go!
Give me your best summer meal idea, won’t you?

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  1. Becca has some great ideas that are yummy. She makes something we call pizza balls that really ought to be more of an appetizer, but you can’t stop at just one or two. That with a salad would chase boredom away. I tried a black bean and corn chowder with cornbread last night that was pretty tasty. I added some smoked turkey from the freezer. I love grilled veggie frittatas when we’re sick of the usual fare. Also, why not grilled or broiled mahi with an Italian eggplant strata? Very satisfying without overfilling you. Finally, if you can’t think of anything to cook – that may be the problem . . . you need to let someone else do it. What was the name of the place you and Fred took us when I was up for Aunt Elaine’s memorial? THAT place should do it!!

  2. I’m not as fond of black beans as you are, but a corn chowder sounds yummy. That reminds me that we haven’t had shrimp and corn chowder in a while. I love the sound of the grilled veggie frittata. I’d have to look into what it takes to make the eggplant strata to see if DH would eat it. The pizza balls sound interesting and salads are very welcome right now. And, the place we took you to was Cooper’s Hawk…..yeah…..I could do that again! *G*
    Thanks for your suggestions, sis.

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