I haven’t really considered Christmas cookies, and it’s the 10th of December!
I’ve made one recipe of the Sugar Crisp that my family considers a holiday treat. My youngest sister was coming for Thanksgiving and I wanted to be sure to have a box of them to send home with her. (Her husband found the box first and tried to make off with it!)
I think every family must have cookies that speak to them of Christmas. In addition to the Sugar Crisp, Russian tea cakes, Thumbprints, Holiday Raspberry Ribbons and peanut butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss seem to be cookies that we make every year. I rarely make cookies that need to be decorated. One of my nieces makes the best iced sugar cookies I’ve ever had, so I leave it to her to supply the family.
For Dear Husband, I might make the spicy nut slices that we talked about in November. Those are his particular favorite, but I don’t usually think of them as a Christmas cookie.
I can see that it’s time to browse my cookie recipe collections tonight. Perhaps that will get me in the mood to bake.