Catching Up

Has it really been a year since I last posted? My friend, Cop Car, in her Christmas card encouraged me to get back to blogging, as it is how she keeps track of me. I just wrote to a friend that I’m saddened that people don’t write e-mails to their friends. It seems that I shifted from blogging to e-mails, and keep track of friends that way.

I’m having difficulty sleeping this evening, but I’ll need to give it another try, soon. I think I’ll try to do a VERY quick rundown of last year, just for Cop Car.

Fred had a very damp soaring season. It seemed as though it rained all week, making the field too wet for use on weekends. However, toward the end of the season he was up for a 2 1//2 hour flight, followed by a 3 1/2 hour flight, his longest at this field. He’s VERY eager for the season to resume. Did I tell you that he and two others bought a beautiful little one-seat glider?

We decided to bite the bullet and hire someone to guide us through renovating our kitchen. We put in granite counters, renovated the interior of four cabinets, added 8 more cabinets to make a faux hutch, with a matching granite counter top, replaced all the cabinet fronts and knobs, and installed a new sink and faucet. The couple who did the work did a fine job, but started late and dragged it out for a month. Still, I’m very happy with my “new” kitchen.

It’s possible we may have to look for a new stove/oven. The electronics are getting a bit odd, and I don’t think it is heating consistently.

Last fall we also got a new roof and gutters, thanks to Mother Nature. It took them two days, plus one more for the gutters several weeks later, but again, we’re very happy with the job.

We had a Grand Marquis that was 22 to 23 years old. I got into the car as a passenger one day, after having not been in the car for several years, and thought we might not make it home safely. I set Dear Husband to car shop as soon as we got home. We generally travel together in a car we bought two years ago, but wanted to have a second car that DH could use to go out to the soaring field. We settled on a stripped down Subaru Forester. We chose to add in heated seats, rather than paying for a package that included the sunroof.

We got to visit with my niece’s German boyfriend before Christmas. He flew in, and we took her to O’Hare to collect him. On his way back to Germany, she brought her parents along, and we all made the trip to the airport. I was delighted to learn that he had proposed to her. It makes me smile just to think about it.

Right after Thanksgiving i had a strange episode that felt like angina. My doc had me do an ultrasound, and then sent me to a surgeon. The upshot of all those visits was that I had my gallbladder removed. The surgery went very well, and my incisions are healing nicely. I am not supposed to lift anything more than 10 pounds for a couple of weeks, and I have some minor changes in diet that are not a problem. In all, I feel lucky that things have gone so well.

I thought that last year would see the end of my charity quilting group, but the remaining two ladies said that they wished to continue. I’ve finished one large top, and have two more in the works. Our first meeting of the year will be this coming Tuesday.

And that’s the highlights! DH seems to be doing well, and we’re keeping up with our exercise. I hope all who read this are well, and enjoying 2018.