Boat Widowhood: Entry 1, 2007

Boating season in the Chicago harbors on Lake Michigan starts May 15. Dear Husband will be having the Arr!! craned into the water the weekend after the fifteenth.
Today, the UPS man delivered the new sail. DH is going to be like a dog with a doggie treat when he sees it sitting on the floor!
Dear Husband did the first mowing of the lawn Monday and Tuesday. He’s also trimmed a tree that is hanging over the SW corner of the house. He’s trying to get chores out of the way so that he can focus on the Arr!!
He’s done just about all the varnishing on the boat (I think), and he’s going to let the yacht yard take a look at the engine before he takes it to his new mooring.
If you’d like to go for a boat ride on a 32-foot Bayfield, send me a note. Dear Husband takes people along for the sail. I’m going to post a message on the family message board that they need to make their reservations now! *G*
And, before you ask……no…I won’t be sailing this year. Think of all the gardening and quilting I can get done, and the visits to the antique fair and the farmer’s market! No sailing for me.

6 thoughts on “Boat Widowhood: Entry 1, 2007

  1. Oh the memories your post stirs up Buffy. This was Joel’s time of the year…what he lived for. He would have been out there right along with Dear Husband. I wish him many, many seasons of happy sailing.

  2. Yes, I too wish Dear Husband many happy hours of sailing. And you, lots and lots of time to do what you enjoy. Isn’t it good when the Husbands take off. We may care a lot for them but still it’s nioce to have the house to ourselves once in a while so that we can do our own thing.

  3. Joy, I really wish that we’d had a chance to meet Joel. I think that Dear Husband would have enjoyed having a sailing buddy. It’s one thing for him to take my entire family sailing, and a totally different experience to sail with someone who really understands sailing.
    Thank you for your kind wishes. I’ll pass them on.

  4. Adele, it took me a while to come to understand that it’s actually a benefit for us to be apart, but now I find myself planning all sorts of things that Dear Husband might not want to do.
    Occasionally we start the weekend off with a really early breakfast, before he leaves for the boat and I head off to the farmer’s market. Then, the rest of the day is mine.
    Do you suppose when he has retired, I’ll be saying…”Don’t you need to go check on the boat??” *G*

  5. When I first retired, I didn’t think that I should need to “send” Hunky Husband out of the house. He was playing golf a couple of times each week, plus his volunteer activities. As his best golf buds have died off, he’s become less and less inclined to hit the links. Now, he plays only once every two or three months–the least excuse has him staying home on the one day each week that he would otherwise golf.
    The other day, I finally broke down and told him that he really needed to get out of the house for a few hours–at least once each week–so that I could have time to do the stuff that I can’t do when he’s around (which is about 99% of anything I want to do!)
    He has made an effort to get out. He played golf Thursday, even though it was a yucky day. He asked if I enjoyed myself. Absolutely! I worked my fool head off in his absence, but it was rewarding to be able to get so much done. I thanked him, nicely. Besides–it really is good, for him, to get himself out there with his old pals–the few who are left.
    Not to be morbid, but one of our Red Cross friends (in Iowa) died Friday and another friend (of 40 years’ standing) is fighting to recover from a 1-2 blow: a stroke while he was being operated on for clogged arteries in his neck (they turned out to be brittle clear up into his brain), and a staph infection that he has picked up during recovery in the hospital. We’re at that age. Of course, the deceased friend was 15-20 years younger than we while the recovering friend is about 10 years younger.

  6. Cop Car, if DH wasn’t addicted to sailing, I’d have the same problem. I can just hear HH asking if you enjoyed yourself! *G* You’re right about his needing to get out. DH tells me that I need to do the same. Some of us are just nesters!
    We have the same situation with Elegante Mother. If I want to use ammonia, I have to find someone to entertain her away from home. She can’t deal with the fumes, nor should she.
    I’m glad HH was able to help you out.

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