Back on Track

We are back on track with the sale of our house.  All the repairs have finally been finished, following the fall of a 60′ evergreen onto the roof in February.  The painters were finishing the interior repair in the office minutes before the photographer came through.

Brochures have been printed, the house has been listed, and we had our first visitors Thursday night.  So far, we have not heard anything from them.  Our agent was particularly excited because these people had visited the house last year when it was on the market.

Our house is a one of a kind house, with an unusually large lot within in the city limits.  It’s not going to be easy to sell, but I think the agent is hungry, and he may be able to find the buyer we need.

So, we’re back to keeping the house relatively tidy.  I’ll have to be careful about tracking garden dirt into the house.  🙁

5 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. Please note, this should have been posted about two months ago. I believe it’s been sitting as a draft all this time, and should four posts further down the line.

  2. Happy 4th of July!

    Good to hear that things are going ahead, albeit rather more slowly than you’d like, I’m sure.

    The house you like with the potential for a quilting basement – could it have a stairlift (seat that electrically goes up and down stairs, running on a track – don’t know if they are called the same over there) fitted?

    • Yes, BW, If in the future I find I can’t do stairs safely, we could put in one of those lift chairs. As we look at houses, we make sure the wall will support a lift, should it be needed. I could take over one of the spare bedrooms on the first floor, but my quilting would fill both of the rooms! The only thing that concerns me is that I won’t have much natural light in the basement, but I can always carry my choices upstairs to confirm they will work, or use an Ott light, that will give me man-made light that is as close to natural as possible.

  3. Excellent – you can get Ott light style complete lighting systems for commercial creative types’ offices/studios. Can’t imagine they are cheap, but, as part of a whole project….

  4. I already have one Ott lamp that is a floor-standing design that can be taken apart and inserted into the cross bar of a quilting frame, and I have a second smaller lamp that is a simple table version. Since I probably will only use the Ott lights at night when I can’t audition fabrics in natural light, I think the two I have will be adequate. I shudder to think of the cost for an entire project!

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