April 2, 2013

This will be a memorable day for me.  Today we put our home of 23+ years on the market.

Our realtor called to let us know that he had put the listing on the MLS.  He had to use a temporary picture of the house, until they can get the current picture in place. It was something to do with the rules of the road for the Multiple Listing Service.

Minutes later, he got a call from a local realtor, asking if the house was available to be seen!  Three hours later, the first couple came to see it.  I asked our realtor if that was common, and he said it NEVER happens that way.

Last night, knowing that today was the big day, I started the laundry, tidied the office desk,  put away odds and ends and washed dishes.  I asked Dear Husband to dry dishes and put them away, while I finished with other chores.  We were well on the way to putting the house in condition to be seen.  Still, we had to push a bit today to be sure it was ready.

We do not open the house to prospective buyers.  They are to arrive with a realtor, who uses the lock box to get a key to let them in.  We are supposed to be going out the garage door as they are entering the house.  We slipped away and ran an errand as they looked things over.

I doubt seriously that we will get a bid from this visit, but everything has been so unpredictable that it’s possible.  We will see what we will see.



6 thoughts on “April 2, 2013

    • Thank you, BW! I really don’t want to leave my beautiful home, but we are at the stage where it is just too much……too much to clean, too much to maintain, to mow, to weed or garden, too much space, too much in taxes……just everything. It will be terribly odd to have to cut back to a tiny house, but it’s the right thing to do.

    • We’ve left room to negotiate. We’ll have to see what kind of nibbles we get. It may be a long time coming. We have had only two visits since April 2, but there is a lot of land in addition to the house, and that will cut out a lot of lookers.

      My thoughts are, from your mouth, and BW’s, to God’s ear. We’ll hope for the best. Thanks, bogie!

  1. Moving is such a pain! Perhaps, if you find a beautiful apartment to tide you over until you spot the perfect house, you may decide that you enjoy apartment living.

    Good wishes for a rapid sale at, as Bogie writes, a fair price.

    • Cop Car, a beautiful apartment sounds like a lovely stop over, giving us time to find just the right house. We’ll certainly keep that in mind. Thanks for your good wishes!

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