44% Nerdy

I am nerdier than 44% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I borrowed this from Bogie, who borrowed it from Drumwaster. I figured I was mid-nerdy. I don’t have much math in my background, but I did like school. I don’t understand the innards of my computer, but I really enjoy using it. AND, bed-time on Friday night is 10:00….an hour later than the rest of the week. Nerdy, huh??

3 thoughts on “44% Nerdy

  1. Umm, I got 17. They said:
    82% scored higher (more nerdy),
    1% scored the same, and
    17% scored lower (less nerdy).
    What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:
    Not nerdy, but then again maybe not all that cool either
    But then I hated maths at school and girls weren’t allowed to study any sort of science (except biology). So half the questions I just didn’t understand.

  2. Adele–Good grief! I had thought that the USA education system (re educating girls/women) was well behind the times; but, we were at least “allowed” to take all of the math and science that we wished. Shop (wood and metal working) was another thing, in my day. No way could girls get into those classes. I successfully fought the school system administrators to get my own daughters (closer to your age, I think) into any shop-type classes they wished to take.
    On this test: 1% scored higher,
    0% scored the same, and
    99% scored lower in Math/Science–
    24% scored higher,
    4% scored the same, and
    72% scored lower in Computers/Technology–
    11% scored higher,
    3% scored the same, and
    86% scored lower in History/Literature–
    54% scored higher,
    6% scored the same, and
    40% scored lower in Sci-Fi/Comedy, and–
    an astounding 0% scored lower, 1% scored the same, and 99% scored higher, in Dumb/Dork/Awkwardness. (I’m not certain that the Dumb/Dork/Awkwardness scores are not inverted!)

  3. Adele, I don’t think you have to worry about being nerdy. Either this test doesn’t translate well for our English friends, or you just aren’t nerdy! (I know you’re not….you’re the only non-nerdy person responding to this! *G*)
    Cop Car…you and Bogie just make me grin! I KNEW that you would be the high-scorer here, and I know that you wear that banner proudly! You go girl! *G*

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