Category: Over My Shoulder

  • And we’re back!

    So events of the past couple years (pandemic, moving to a new state, new jobs, priorities shifting) have brought about a few changes. One of them being the site we tried to create to give other artisans a outlet other than Esty not getting off the ground. I decided to revamp and revive this site. […]

  • Moving

    We’re moving! You can find us at D’Artz Studio now!

  • Tins, coffee, and holidays…oh my!!

    So much going on here to get ready for the holidays I almost forgot to update the website! If you have not seen them you need to check out the cute holiday tins (limited stock, when they’re gone, they’re gone!) And we also have the coffee mugs, these have been very popular so I decided […]

  • Upcoming and Updates

    New scents are here in time for your holiday decorating! We have special containers and styles for your holiday needs as well, if you don’t see it in the shop don’t be afraid to ask, chances are I can make it! More pictures coming soon of all the special, holiday items

  • All ready…

        Got to play with hot wax the last couple days…I have to say it’s probably my favorite part!

  • Changes!!

    So with all the new spaces we have been popping up at, I’ve decided to make some changes to the website as well! Some scents are not available anymore and we have some new ones as well…I’ve also found some new containers and pretty things which I will be adding here and there as they […]

  • Festivals, new stuff, and new places…

    so the festival did not go quite as well as I would have hoped, but moving on…we have TONS of new stuff, floating candles, tea lights, flower pot candles, different containers and so much more that has not made it onto the site! Never fear, I will update the shopping cart by this weekend…in the […]

  • So Excited!!

    So we are definitely going to be at the Live Oak Arts Festival this weekend! There are too many new items I am working on to list them all here, gifts, spring items, items just for fun, and so much more! Pictures coming soon, of course…Don’t forget mom this weekend 🙂

  • Black….

    So excited! I got to make my first black candles tonight for a friends altar set 🙂 Pictures coming soon! (I think they look amazing…making some for mine as well)

  • Updates

    So if you came to visit the site last week you noticed that we were ‘down’ for maintenance. I am happy to say we are now back up and running and ready to take orders! I do have shipping available as well as pickup/delivery available for the local area (Jackson, MS). I do have a […]