Catching up with friends

Hi, All!

We’re having a quiet morning, so I thought I’d do a little catch-up.  The tree you saw in the last post is gone.  The tree service was quick and professional.  They even raked up small bits of branches and “stuff” so that we have very little to do to clean the lawn.  They will be returning today to take down the remainder of the trunk, and two more trees which we feel  might be dangerous, should we have another big wind.

The restoration company is sending someone to look at the damage to determine the scope of work to be done.  We’ll see their representative tomorrow, and will do our best to light a fire under them to get the job done.  Dear Husband tells me that I can expect several days of repairs.  The damage is mostly located in one small area, so they won’t be able to put more than two or three men to work at one time.  I want it repaired before the spring rains come!

We have talked with another agent, and decided to sign a contract for their services to sell our house.  There are two of them, working as a team, and the older of the two has quite the success rate for sales in this area.  We asked a lot more questions this time, and think that they may be a good fit.  Once the repairs are done, they will come back to stage the house and take pictures.  This time the brochure for the prospective buyers will show the house with gardens in bloom, an improvement over the last which made the house look like it was in a desert.

My mind is focusing on more packing!  I go to sleep thinking about one more place we can clean out, or another way to make the rooms look their real size.  I think this will be the year we move.  I’m resigned to leaving my wonderful home, but eager to see what the future brings.  Wish us good luck!

3 thoughts on “Catching up with friends

  1. Hope you have great luck with your new housing representatives and hope the repairs don’t take to long or drive you out of your mind with the noise!

    • We’re STILL waiting for the renovation company to set a date for the repairs, and that’s part of what is keeping us from getting it on the market. I’ve started working at boxing things up, and paring down our personal items in some of the rooms, so that will help. I have no doubt the agent will ask for more to be moved when he comes to work on the staging.

      I hope you’re happy with your new home, and that someone has a plan for keeping the neighbor from hell at bay.

  2. Haven’t had any issues with the neighbor since the cops talked to him. I guess his brain can process “no” and “go away / stay away” when the authorities are involved.

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