NOV 05 2005


interesting to me

this week…has been a week from hell!
there’s really nothing ‘specific’ I can point to that made it that way for me…
Monday was about the same as usual at my job…extremely busy, but that makes it go by faster…seems like there were more mistakes that people didn’t catch that we had to, and therefore had to fix.
Tuesday was more of the same…plus we discovered two people got overpaid, one was not an issue, but the second one it’s going to take a bit more doing to fix the problem.
Wed. I don’t think the phone quit ringing all day…of course it was with issues that people wanted fixed for this payday, but we wrap things up and transmit in the morning…they all know this…any and all changes have to be in BEFORE that :shakehead
Thursday it just seemed like everyone had an attitude, plus finding out that the problem we thought we fixed Tuesday wasn’t fixed, and actually caused other issues :brick
and Friday…umm..can I get a do-over on Friday? one whole division’s direct deposits didn’t go through…this wouldn’t normally be a big deal, except that it was a manager pay week, so it affected A LOT more people :hammer and none of them were very happy about it! plus the fact that the people that process our payroll outright lied to us about what was going on…it was a very stressful day, to top off a very stressful week.
but the good my wife did a little shift changing, and so has all of tomorrow off, which will be the first day we’ve gotten the ENTIRE day together in quite some time!! :flames
ok…to wrap this up, the pictures I promised!
M and I, plus 2 of my coworkers
yes, I was losing my ‘teeth’ on that one!
me and the crazy people I work with
My cubicle all decorated for my birthday

  • Jamie on said:

    Well at least Monday you had some good times to offset the tough day ~ the rest of the week can’t help you on an uplifted swing *big smile*!!!

  • Fyr on said:

    Well, seems like you have the perfect end to a real awful week!!! Enjoy the weekend! *grin*

  • ranran on said:

    Hmmm I think the balloon was the cutest!

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