AUG 12 2006

Where do I start?

That's my life

goodness it’s been a while!
Let’s see, when I last posted, I had to go to court to see if I could get my kids to come visit me for the summer…or if he would get his way and I wouldn’t get any visitation…
Well, to make a long story short, I won, my kids were here for almost 6 weeks :banana
The hardest thing about it was at first they didn’t want to come down…my oldest told me what a horrible mother I was for making them do what they didn’t want to do, and they were determined not to have a good time.
I’m not sure when it changed…but between the park, the beach, camping, waterpark, yu-gi-oh tournements, etc…They managed to say that had a great time.
I had so much ridding on this visit…I told them that if they didn’t have a good time and didn’t want to come back that I wouldn’t make them come again…
of course, I know they had a good time, but that doesn’t mean their father won’t try to convince them they don’t need to come back :uhoh3
anway…in other news…while they were here I got myself a new-to-me car :eyes
Not sure what I was thinking there…except for the one I bought just 5 months before was costing me a fortune in repairs, and I was constantly worried it was going to break down and leave afoot (since the assholes that stole the van smashed the stearing column and it’s pretty much undrivable)
so…with the new car comes something I’ve never had before….
a car payment
yes, you read that right, I’ve never in my almost 37 years on this earth had a car payment :shakehead
And while things are a bit tight due to having to move, and the kids being here, and gas prices being what they are…I don’t have 2 pennies to rub together, much less spare.
so…I have another job now…yes, I still have the job I love, and hope to never leave there….but now 3-4 nights a week, you can find me at the Village Inn resturant waiting tables :scared
mind you, I haven’t waited tables in over 18 years…so take it easy on me if you come out! :lol
Other than this, not much to report…I’ve been playing around with the new version of MT (the one where they finally decided to go back to unlimited blogs and users for FREE) so we may have an upgrade here before to long…:group_smile

  • Jamie on said:

    I’m glad to hear things went well and congrats on the new to you car *smile*. Glad to see you post!!!

  • Kristi on said:

    Congrats on the kids and the car. It sounds like you’ve got things lined up pretty well. Now you can sit back and enjoy!

  • TygrzByte on said:

    Glad you got to be with your children again, sorry you had to go thru so much to be with them tho. It’s great that u had so much fun togeather. I know you’ve been missing them. Sux that u’ve gotta get a second job but, I’m sure you’re loving your new car.

  • Jamie on said:

    Time to update *big grin*

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