JUN 28 2015

What’s on my mind?

interesting to me

Facebook asks me this every time I see the top of the page…today I answered it…

What’s on my mind? I don’t often put that on here…my heart hurts from so much I’ve seen on here these last few days, and I wonder what the reaction was back in 1967 when the case of Loving v. Virginia was handed down…was there the same outcry saying that the constitution was being disregarded? Yes I am ignoring the whole religious thing because that has nothing to do with it (separation of church and state, heard of it?) Was it perhaps compared to the holocaust like we were compared to 9/11? Because yes, I totally understand how the killing of hundreds is the same as treating everyone equally…(that’s sarcasm for those that don’t get it) For those of you who still don’t agree, explain to me why I pay the same taxes, I work, I am a productive member of society, pay my bills…why should I not have the same rights and privileges as you? If you can explain this to me in a reasonable, logical manner without bringing YOUR religion into it, then I’ll listen, if you can’t, and you still don’t believe I should be able to spend the rest of my life legally bound to the person I love, then kindly remove yourself from my page and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!