JAN 24 2007


Tech Stuff

So I finally broke down and did it…this post is the first one I’ve made (and made on this site unless someone beat me to it in the last 5 minutes I was junking comments) in the brand spanking new MT 3.34
testing smilies wink.gif
So far I’m liking the plugins in this thing…very nice!

  • Kristi on said:

    And where, may I ask, is your post of substance?
    I’m sure that if you weren’t busy babysitting us there would be one, but don’t throw that up to me, mmmmm kaaay? LOL

  • Redeaglespirit
    ~T~ on said:

    ummm…I’ll have to get back to you on that one, I’m busy playing with my new toy right now 😉

  • ~T~ on said:

    testing the comments again

  • Diz on said:

    My turn to say this …
    SHE LIVES!!!!! 😉
    {{{{{{ ~T~ }}}}}}

  • Faith on said:


  • -=e=- on said:

    I gotta hand it to you for sticking with MT. Once Ben and Mena started announcing those ridiculous licensing fees I jumped ship and went to WordPress.
    Of course WordPress requires a new installation for every account… and that would be a serious pain in the butt for you and your Army. So I can understand the move, O Mighty One.
    Enjoy the new toy! 😀

  • buffy on said:

    You might have to give me a little tutorial on JUNK mail….. I thought at first I was going to have to approve each piece of mail. Or…are you doing that for me??
    New is always fun. *G*

  • Whtetigr on said:

    O-M-G! I thought you had gotten kidnapped by renegade republicans and converted to conservitism!! Nice to see you posting Congrats on the upgrade Drop me a line once in a while.

  • Kristi on said:

    I can’t get into my blog again. It says bandwidth exceeded. blah

  • Rach on said:

    Was this your last post??? hmmm, after digging through archives (still having soo far to go), I’d like to read more… If you’re allowed a moment or two. =)

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