NOV 30 2005

tis the season

interesting to me

ok, I know the page has been blank a few days, so sue me (you won’t get far, as I’m one broke lesbian! :lol)
where to start….
Last Thursday, as most people know was thanksgiving…we celebrated by going over to M’s mom’s house, eating entirely to much, bringing home 1/2 of the leftovers, and going to see our friend D, who we hadn’t seen much lately. (ok, at ALL…she’s been starting a new business and is harder to get ahold of than we are)
Friday, some of us had to work (namely ME) Ran had gone to her moms for another turkey day dinner, and then on to work…so we met up with our dear friend who moved 1/2 way across the state :cry and her girlfriend for dinner at E Street. More good food, good conversation, what more could you ask for? (except for her to move her as back to Jax…and you knew I would say that!)
afterwards, it’s back over to D’s house to pick up a couple things, hang out some more, and head back home, since the next day it’s my lovely wife’s turn to work.
Sunday…she decides that now that it’s after thanksgiving, it’s time to start decorating the house…ok…I’m a scrooge, but if you want to then by all means, more power to you (although, I am in the mood for my usual holiday baking, which is better than the last 2 years)
well, she started…from the looks of the living room, it might be 2006 before she gets done though! :scared
and to close this entry…I would ask you all to please keep me in your thoughts this weekend…
you see, my wife and I are going to my office X-mas party…which means I have to go shopping…and we all know how much I just LOVE to do that :drunk
especially this time of year :shakehead

  • Whtetigr on said:

    Yay!! You updated….lol It was good to see you too btw!! We had a great dinner and conversation. You guys look great.
    As far as shopping….are you going to go to Wal Mart? PIMPLMFAO I was driving into work the other day and thought of you. Ruldoph the Red Nose Reindeer was playing 😉

  • Tara on said:

    Hey you – glad you updated!!! I’ve been checking for days. 🙂 BTW – It was good to see you the other night! 🙂

  • buffy on said:

    (shuddering) NOT SHOPPING!!!
    It sounds like you’ve had a great week, socializing, getting to see old friends and having great meals. Keep it up. Maybe it will rub off on ya and make ya a little more social! *G*

  • Fyr on said:

    Ya – I’ll keep you in my thoughts – only shopping I like to do is a fairly empty electronics store… so I feel your pain. 🙂

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