APR 27 2005



first! the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying,

  • DesignatedDyke on said:

    Hehe…glad you bought that sarong dress…it’s very pretty!

  • Superfreak on said:

    Interview Me!! (I think)

  • ranran on said:

    Ok I did this on LJ but I will go for it again here!

  • Whitetiger on said:

    Ok I did this already too but hey do me again lol…. Interview me…and I want diff questions this time

  • Jamie on said:

    go ahead I haven’t posted in awhile ask away!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie on said:

    Answered and Posted

  • Whitetiger on said:

    Since I don’t have a blog you get the results here.
    1. if you could have any job in the world, what would it be, and why? That’s easy. A Chef and because I love to eat and cook lol.
    2. what sticks out in your mind the most when you think back to “I
    wish I had said/done this instead”?
    I wish had finished school. That way it would have already been paid for by my parents and I wouldn’t have to struggle for the money now.
    3. who would you choose to spend a day with, living or dead, and why?
    (significant others excluded here!)
    Well damn that’s not fair!!! Ok…Elvis because he’s the MAN!!
    4. what do you want to accomplish most in this life?
    I want to get my degree and be the best damn chef around!!
    5. are you ever coming back to Jax??? (I know you are for the
    but besides that!) LOL
    lmfao…I’ll be comming back plenty for holidays and such. As far as comming back to stay…well I’m not…I live HERE now…=D

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