OCT 09 2005

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Tech Stuff

After a break (no, not my computer) I’m starting to get this WPMU figured out a bit more.
I discovered that the module I was trying to install had nothing to do with anything I had done, but some server settings that are not set in a way that would allow it to run…so it will be a “can live without that” thing
I’m slowly but surely getting things the way I want to on there…I found a plug-in (well, not really a plug-in) that will display my reads the way I want it to on the page (if you’re completely confused, look at the sidebar to your right, that’s done with MT RSS plug-in, instead of blogrolling)
so once I get all the toys taken care of…I can start on themes…then, (if I understand it correctly) users will be able to sign up for their own blogs, pick and choose what they would like to have on them (as far as plug-ins and templates) and be ready to go!
if I don’t understand it correctly…well, it’s still a good platform, with much better spam control features…plus you don’t have to hack multiple files anytime you want to add something to the platform!

  • Mad Bull on said:

    So do they really have multiple copied of the same tables for each user added?

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