MAY 31 2006

Family Time

My Viewpoint

See all who participated here So, I found, signed up, and have been thinking ever since about the “Blogging for LGBT Families Day”…of course, now that it’s here, I’m not really sure what I want to write about. I could write about being a lesbian mom…but that is a bit to raw and painful right…

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MAY 28 2006

you don’t have to

interesting to me

Be gay to participate. But if you are a single, coupled, or married gay parent, or a straight, supportive, or just know someone who is a gay parent and would like to participate…would you please consider going to the Blogging for LGBT Families post and joining in. Thank you for your support!

MAY 14 2006

Thank you

That's my life

I just wanted to take a moment, and thank everyone who helped out with the “Nurse Ran Tuition Fund” Thanks to several people, online, and off, she had enough to cover her tuition :happydance In related news…she got an “A” last semester :banana needless to say, we’re all VERY proud of her! :biggrin

MAY 03 2006

Plea for help


OK, this is a first As some of you may or may not know, my ‘daughter’, my best friend, my roomie, has been going to school to become a nurse. She has been doing so well, I’m so proud of her!! She only has one semester left until she graduates. The problem is, according to…

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APR 23 2006

Moving On

Memory Lane

So I haven’t been around much lately, as several of my visitors have informed me. I’m sorry about that, I would have liked to have been here, but our little world was turned upside down about 2 weeks ago :shakehead We just signed a new lease at the first of this month, 12 days later…

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APR 01 2006

well damn!

interesting to me

:gmorning I just realized yesterday, when I had no time, that I had once again let all my posts slide off into the archives :hum I also realize, that since this is April 1st, and I’m posting, that I’m running the risk of everyone that reads here (all 3 of you?) thinking that it’s an…

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MAR 17 2006


That's my life

:trumpet I’m ok…(ok, the lump is ok! :lol how I am is still up for debate) apparently, I have a gland that just wanted to hang out there by itself (antisocial little thing) and that’s what caused it to appear more prominent to my Dr. :group_smile Happy St. Paddy’s day all!!

MAR 17 2006

such is life…

That's my life

as many people have reminded me lately…my blog has been blank for a while. yes, I’m aware of that. :uhoh3 there are a few people who know what has been going on lately…some of that I’m going to share now…some of it, I probably never will. I think I mentioned a few weeks that I’ve…

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FEB 20 2006

Almost forgot…

That's my life

With everything else that happened this weekend, I almost forgot our little trip on Friday after I got out of work…and they say a picture is worth a thousand words… View image View closer image

FEB 19 2006

what is it they say?

Tech Stuff

When it rains, it pours… for the last 2 weeks this has be oh so very true!! first off…work stuff… as I think everyone knows, I work in payroll for a franchise restaurant (not saying the name for obvious reasons here!) I LOVE MY JOB…don’t get me wrong, but damn, as everyone is aware, it’s…

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