DEC 09 2004

one more…

Tech Stuff

If anyone pays attention to the sidebar, you’ll notice I’ve added another to the Redeagle continuum…please all give welcome to YoureFavFemme of “I know you are, but what am I?”
She’s a bit ‘in your face’ for some of you, I’m sure :wink, married, with 2 kids…and she’s a lesbian
not sure exactly what her site is going to be about, but it should make for interesting reading to be sure!!

  • ranran on said:

    Well if that ain’t the best damn site that you have built yet. I am jealous. Makes for some good reading so yall check her out.

  • -=e=- on said:

    Oh lordy… will The Mighty T’s ever expanding army ever end????
    Love the design! Great job!

  • Whitetiger on said:

    hey you gonna update somewhere anytime soon?? lmfao…. love ya

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