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"This particular blog has been a work in progress since 2002, in that time I have changed many things about it, and will likely continue to do so...if you find something on here that offends you, don't read it, if you find something on here that makes you're welcome!"

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FEB 20 2007

night ramblings

interesting to me

JAN 24 2007


Tech Stuff

JAN 01 2007

goodbye, good riddance!

Memory Lane

DEC 21 2006

Happy Holidays?

That's my life

DEC 11 2006


That's my life

NOV 23 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

interesting to me

SEP 30 2006

yes, it’s really me

That's my life

AUG 12 2006

Where do I start?

That's my life

JUN 12 2006

I have my ways…

My Viewpoint