Yet Living…

You know….it’s really shocking to pull up your own blog and see that it’s been so long since you posted that there’s no message box on the screen!
Edward Scissorhands (our cat) is helping me with this entry. Or maybe he’s saying that I had better get off my duff and FEED HIM! It’s tough to tell. This time of the evening he generally comes around looking for attention, but he behaves the same way when he wants to be fed.
Okay…stinky cat food set out, dishes rinsed, dishwasher started….(see what keeps me from blogging???)
I think I have finally come to the time when I will have to admit that I might have to cut back on my beloved drink of choice (hot or iced tea), after dinner. I have not been sleeping well this past year. There are a number of issues involved here, but I’m pretty sure that by switching to decaf tea, or water, I might be able to improve the issue of getting to sleep. Time will tell.
I’m also trying to take good advice offered to alternate tea with water. We ALL need more water in our diets. Most of us don’t recognize dehydration when we experience it because we are frequently borderline dehydrated to start. I used to think that because I drank so much tea, I couldn’t have a problem, but I was wrong. You need to drink WATER….not just liquids!
I’ve been pondering weighty issues this week. Earlier, I posted a link to a political quiz. The past few days I’ve been thinking about pro-choice and anti-abortion issues. It’s a sign that while my hands have been busy with chores, gardening and piecing quilt tops, my brain has been wandering. I’ll let it wander a bit more and then share a couple of those thoughts with you.
Did I tell you that we had planned to rent a RED convertible for the coming weekend? About six weeks ago, I tried to pin one down, without a great deal of success. Hertz finally told me that they had convertibles coming in, but they couldn’t guarantee there would be any red ones. The agent suggested that I call this week to see if they could accommodate me. Well, this time I got an agent who didn’t give a rip about my needs. She said they couldn’t guarantee what color or type of car I would get. The color was so important, that I canceled my order for a convertible. I had planned to drive Elegante Mother around for the weekend in a jazzy little red car, but we’ll do it another time when I can find a RED ONE!
Why is it, when you are not near the keyboard there are dozens of things you’d like to write about. And, when you are AT the keyboard….you can’t remember any of them?
I’ll come back when I can remember some of them.

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  1. I’d suggest going to your friendly car dealership, explaining the situation to them, and see if they can come up with something for you. Dealerships try harder!

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